9 rounds of D-ball fun

Metcon (Time)
Partner D-ball wod
Set A: 3 rounds of

3 D-ball cleans 20/15
3 Burpee over the box

Set B: 3 rounds of

2 D-ball Deadlift + Clean 20/15
5 Box Jumps

Set C: 3 rounds of

10 D-ball Clean to Shoulder 20/15
10 Burpees

Each partner completes 3 rounds in each set before moving on to the next set.
ie Partner 1 completes Set A, then partner 2 completes Set A, Partner 1 completes Set B, then partner 2 completes Set B and so on.

scale –
use 9/6 wall-ball and step ups

Post time when both partners finish all sets to Wodify