Remarkables CrossFit testimonials

Jordan Barratt

I first begun my journey with CrossFit a year and a half ago at just a little over 110kg at Remarkables CrossFit. I remember feeling anxious and a little intimidated but after my very first workout that all completely went out the door. Now I’m around 80kg and in my mid 30’s I’m in the…

Partner WOD

Remarkables Crossfit – CrossFit Clean Complex (Start set every 2 min) 1 Power Clean + 1 Full Clean + 1 Split Jerk 7×1 @80% of 1rm (Reps are not TNG) Metcon (Time) In pairs Cap 22 mins 1KM row buy in 20 Cleans 60/40 40 Dip 60 Burpee over bar 80 Deadlift 60/40 1Km row…

CrossFit WOD, October 19, 2017

Gymnastics day Metcon EMOM for 12 mins 3 Muscle up on Even mins 10m handstand walk on Odd mins Scale to 2 pull ups and dips for MU and 3 Wall walks for handstand walks Metcon (Time) For time 9 min cap 21,15,9 Hspu 42,30,18 Double under RX+ Strict HSPU 84,60,36 DU