CrossFit Fundamentals


CrossFit Fundamentals

Remarkables CrossFit offer a comprehensive beginners program designed to prepare you for a smooth and safe transition into our ongoing group CrossFit classes. It’s important to learn the basic movements necessary for group classes where you need to be moving efficiently, safely and have a good understanding of the different techniques.


WHAT’S INCLUDED? Our CrossFit Fundamentals program includes 2 x 60 minute sessions with one of our certified coaches. You’ll learn perfect form on the movements that build the base for our workouts and finish off with a short CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) to get your fitness up. These sessions are structured with the goal to get you into group classes as soon as possible. These sessions can be carried out at a time that suits you.

On completion of the CrossFit Fundamentals program you are free to join any CrossFit group class.


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$99 (includes a 1 week membership FREE)

NOTE: All new members MUST complete a CrossFit Fundamentals program before proceeding with the regular CrossFit membership.