CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that combines gymnastics, cardio and weightlifting.

All CrossFit classes begin with a group warm-up and mobility work, followed by strength or skill development, and then finishing with the daily WOD (Workout of the Day).

Classes are led by a certified trainer in a group setting, no larger than 15 members per class – to ensure focus, training, and camaraderie are at a maximum.


Remarkables CrossFit has a variety of membership options for you to be part of our awesome community.
To purchase a membership previous CrossFit experience is required.
If you don’t have CrossFit experience join us on the next fundamentals course to start your fitness journey.


1 Month Membership
$130 per fortnight

No membership hold

Unlimited Classes

1 month contract


6 Months Membership
$120 per fortnight

2 week membership hold

Unlimited classes

6 months contract


12 Month Membership
$110 per fortnight

4 week membership hold

Unlimited Classes

12 months contract

3 Classes Weekly

6 Month Membership
$100 per fortnight

2 week membership hold

3 Classes

6 months contract

Terms & Conditions

Membership/Holds Policy

We require a minimum of one weeks notice in writing for membership holds. Memberships can be placed on hold for the maximum’s that are specified.

Membership Cancellation

Our CrossFit memberships are either a 1 month, 6 month, or 12 month commitment, respectively that will automatically renew at the end of the contract. A longer commitment is rewarded with a more favourable price point. If you would like to cancel at the end of the contract, let us know a week before. If you would like to cancel mid contract, a 1 week written notice and $200 cancellation fee applies.

Drop In

If you are visiting the Queenstown area for business or leisure and want to drop in for a session we’d love to see you! Drop in prices are $25/session. Simply complete the form below and pay online and see you at the box.

NOTE: Drop in sessions are for out of town members who are experienced in CrossFit. If you’ve never given it a go, but want to try, please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

1 Off Drop In

$25 per visit

1 Class

1 Week Unlimited

$65 per week

1 week unlimited classes